If you have trouble cutting your rabbit's nails, now you can get some help. This 38-minute video will show you a technique that's gentle and non-traumatic for both you and your bunny. This technique is simple and straightforward, and does not involve trancing or any special restraining equipment (such as bags, bunny burritos, etc.)

To order, make out your check to
“Rabbit Rescue & Rehab,” and mail it to:

Rabbit Rescue & Rehab/NYC Metro Rabbit
Attn: Treasurer
333 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite #363
White Plains, NY 10605

The video is $20, and postage is $4.60
(total $24.60). Please write “nail video” somewhere on your check.

For nail cutting video inquiries, please contact nyc.metro.rabbits@gmail.com

Rabbit Rescue & Rehab is a nonprofit rescue and education group. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!


You need, need, need to get the nail clipping/bunny handling video from NYC HRS!! It's well worth the money. I did four sets of bunny feet in less than two hours, mostly by myself. The fact that I can clip any bunny's nails — even unknown quantities, such as foster bunnies — is a testament to how easy the technique makes it." —Amanda Lenz,

I just got mine a few days ago, and I was truly amazed by the method. I tried it on my Lily, who's the absolute worst bun I have when it comes to nail clipping, and we actually got through the process without her trying to kill me...your video has been a godsend, thanks for making it for the bunny people — definitely the best $23.50 I ever spent." —Mary E. Kalb

Just wanted to express to all of you how awesome the nail clipping and handling video is. It's a must have. When I viewed it, I was amazed; but when I tried it, I was even more amazed. I will say no more about it, you will just have to see for yourself. I used the nail clipping technique at one of our adoption days on different buns this past weekend and it worked like a charm once again. I'm hooked on this technique. I even showed one of the ladies that brought her bunny in how to do it at home." —Jennifer Schissler

“I just wanted to say I got my nail cutting and handling video from New York House Rabbit Society; tried it last night and it worked!! We trimmed our two buns’ nails last night...no fuss!!! My husband put Maddy up on the table and I left the room for a minute. When I came right back, he was done with her nails — and she is our hardest one to do!!” —Sarah Anderson

“Check out the New York City HRS web site for an excellent video which shows an amazing, much less stressful and much better way to handle and trim nails. I've actually had rabbits flop down and relax when I'm trimming their nails using this technique.”—Kirk Lowis

“Check out the nail-cutting video. The technique shown for picking up rabbits is terrific. Using the method shown, I can pick up any rabbit, even those who are scared and aggressive. I work at a shelter, and this video is a godsend.”
—Kathy Spalding