Rabbit rescue and Rehab is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization whose primary
goals are to:

• Rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent indoor homes for them.

• Educate the public and assist humane societies through publications on rabbit care, phone consulation, and educational sessions upon request

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Claire and her son Alex are a tightly bonded and loving pair. Both have creamy-soft fur and dark brown eyes, but you can easily tell them apart because Claire has a splattering of fawn-biege speckles running down her back. Both are spayed/neutered, and both are young — Alex is around 5 months old, and Claire is probably a year, if that. Both are extremely friendly and gentle, and enjoy being stroked and loved — especially right between the eyes — by humans. Claire is a bit more relaxed about handling than Alex, but both are ultimately cooperative. Alex and Claire are looking for a home where they can stay together and snuggle with each other for the rest of their lives.


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